Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 6: Carlsbad NM to Holbrook, AZ

5/27/11  Today was largely riding from Carlsbad to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert National Park.  However, the day started with a stop at the UFO Museum in Roswell.  It was pretty interesting, and it raised the question as to whether something did fall out of the sky or not, and if so, was it alien or governmental.  I believe something did fall out of the sky, but can't decide whether it was extraterrestrial or governmental.  In any case, I do believe there was a government cover-up.

When we had seen enough, we headed northwest towards Holbrook.  The driving was easy; the roads were partly 4-lane and mostly 2-lane, with 65mph speed limit most of the way.  With hardly any traffic, the time went well.

Bar enjoyed the drive, absorbing the scenery as it changed from flat to small puffy mountains to real mountains.  Yellow grass, green grass, barren, or lush, we saw a little of all of those and more.  Colors changed constantly from yellow to orange to red to brown to white to black.  Very interesting topography.

As we rode, Sis used maps to call out the names of small towns ahead.  One caught my attention: Pie Town.  I had no idea what might be in Pie Town, but I told her I liked the name and if they had pie there, I was going to get some.  I love sweets!

Sure enough, as we approached Pie Town, I saw a small building with "PIES" on it, so I stopped.  We went in and bought two slices of pie.  I got a Chocolate Meringue and she got an Apple.  I hope they are good; they were $4.95 EACH!  Ordinarily I would not have paid that much, but it was unusual, and I'm on vacation, so I did.  I plan to eat it when I finish this blog.

Finally, we spotted the sign to the Painted Desert National Park.  We pulled in and stopped at a tourist trap to use the bathrooms and to look around.  I ended up buying a chunk of petrified wood.  I've been amazed at petrified wood since the first time I realized it existed, so having a piece is great.  Bar bought some, too.

Then we entered the park itself.  My expectations were exceeded.  There were pieces of petrified wood all over the place.  Pieces along the road, pieces at exhibits, pieces in the distance.  We even found one whole tree spanning a dry gulch.  So very neat!

Next we transitioned to the Painted Desert.  In this area, the colors and hues of the earth changed from area to area.  Orange, red, black, white, gray; they were not vibrant colors, but each was present in different places and elevations.  It is a pretty place.

From there, we jumped on I-40 and headed to Holbrook and the motel.  We got checked in and went looking for a place to eat.  We found a good Italian restaurant and had a great dinner.  I had lasagna and she had spaghetti.  Both were delicious.

From there, we returned to the room.

Tomorrow--Grand Canyon!


  1. Great Pictures! How's the weather? Looks dry and warm. Are a lot of people on the roads and visiting these places?

  2. I like your alien friends! They look friendly :)