Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 8; Grand Canyon to Cortez, CO

May 30, 2011  A good day.  Since we had gotten back to the hotel early and eaten earlier than usual, we went to bed a little earlier than we had.  Because of that, we got up early.  Actually, I woke up early and couldn't go to sleep; I was awake at 5:30am.

We got an early start towards Mesa Verde National Park.  Along the way, we saw some awesome sights.  The first stop was at the Little Colorado River Gorge on the Navajo Reservation.  It was STEEP and DEEP.  I had ridden by it earlier, but this was my first stop, and it was worth it.  Very nice!

Then on through Monument Valley to Mexican Hat.  Monument Valley is awesome, one of the prettiest roads I've ever seen.  The road is nothing special, but off to each side are huge buttes or mesas that extend hundreds of feet straight up and then flat at the top.  Amazing!  Beautiful colors along the way.

In Mexican Hat, we stopped by the San Juan River at the San Juan Inn, just to let Bar see it.  This is the motel where Gary and I stayed when in the area, and it is on the banks of the river.  I think it's a beautiful place.  She seemed to like it as well.  The place was swarmed by bikers; mostly Harleys.

Then on to Four Corners.  It's a very unique spot on the earth; the only place where 4 states touch.  Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.  It's on the Navajo Reservation, so they charge to go to the spot.  Only $3 each, and the place is well done.  I was surprised at how nice they had the place done.  It was pretty neat.

Finally, Mesa Verde.  We stopped in Cortez to get a room and then went into the park to see what was there.  We bought tickets for two "climbs" into the ruins for tomorrow.  It should be educational and entertaining, seeing the actual homes the indians lived in hundreds of years ago.

Dinner at a local eatery.  Mine was good; Bar's was not good.  Then in for the night.

Tomorrow--two climbs and on to Moab.

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  1. Your picture of Monument Valley looks like a set for a western movie.