Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 14: Yellowstone to Gillette WY

June 5, 2011  Not much to say today.  We left Yellowstone and rode to Gillette, WY.  Most of the drive was on I-90, necessary due to various road closings in and around Yellowstone.  We missed my favorite road in the USA; the Beartooth Highway.  I could never get a consistent answer as to whether or not the road from Yellowstone to the Beartooth Highway was open (deep snows in the area), so rather than to try and have to backtrack many miles, we went out the Western entrance and headed north to Bozeman, MT, and then I-90 East.

Riding through the town of West Yellowstone brought back some great memories of one of my most-fun trips ever; the snowmobiling trip of January 2010.  What a blast!  While Bar and I did not spend much time in town, just seeing the sights brought back a flood of fond memories on the snowmobiles.

Many parts of the drive to Gillette were very scenic, with the road being elevated above a broad valley.  Many snow-capped mountains across the valley.  No pics today.

Got to Gillette, found a hotel, had a good dinner, washed clothes, planned tomorrow's trip, and now the blog.

Tomorrow's blog will be better.

I promise....

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  1. Hey man. I'm really sorry about Beartooth Hwy. I thought it was the most uncommonly raw, rugged, severe, isolated, and beautifully AWESOME road I have ever been on in the US.
    I want to see it again myself!!