Saturday, May 21, 2011

On the Road!

5/21/11  Well, we hit the road today about 2:30pm.  Bar had some things to get done at home, making her a little later than she had first hoped, but she got to my home about 2pm.  We loaded my things into her car and started towards Greensboro on Hwy 64.  At Pittsboro, we took Hwy 87 north and then turned left on the Silk Hope road towards Liberty.

The Silk Hope/Liberty road is one that I discovered on the bike a couple of years ago.  It cuts through the woods, pretty much parallel to 64.  The attraction for me is the lack of traffic, it's winding up and down through forests, fields, and just the rural countryside of North Carolina.  It's a very good road for bikes, and not a bad road for cars.  I believe Bar enjoyed that part of the ride, too.

In Greensboro, we got on I-40 and headed west.  We'll be on this road for most of the next few days.  Traffic was moderate, and we had no problems at all.

About 6:30, we started getting hungry, so I asked what she wanted for dinner.  She's like me--she likes most foods, so she was open to whatever suited me.  I remembered a German restaurant in Black Mountain (just east of Asheville) that was good, and I also remembered a Mexican restaurant in Asheville near Biltmore Village.  When I asked which she thought was more interesting, she chose the German (Berliner Kindl German Restaurant) because we'd see many Mexican places along the way, while we might not see many other German restaurants.  So, we had dinner there.

It was excellent.  I had a dark beer, and Bar had a Hoengarten or something like that.  Both were good.  We ordered a selection "for two".  It had 4 different sausages (don't ask which ones--the waitress told us but neither remembered what they were), a pork chop, sauerkraut, German potato salad, home fries, and red cabbage.  A huge platter of food, and all of it was very good.  We ate a lot, but couldn't handle everything.

Since it was now 8pm, we decided to find a motel close by for the night. So, we did, and we're now in for the night.

Sorry for the lack of pictures; I'm still not quite acclimated to where everything is in the car, and a bit discombobulated, so I forgot to take any.  But I plan to drive by the restaurant tomorrow and take a picture.  If yes, it will be included.  If I forget, maybe I'll take a pic of something else tomorrow for that post.

That's it for tonight.

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  1. The German restaurant in Black Mountain! You chose wisely. Love that place :)