Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Ready

Well, I believe we're almost ready to start this adventure.  I've worked on my packing list and think I have everything important listed.  If I leave something home, I would imagine that there's a Wallyworld somewhere between here and there so I can get what I need.  We'll have a car full, with luggage, my gadgets, coolers, shoes, etc, but I believe we'll find space for everything we need to take.

Big Sis told me today that she has the car ready to go.  One of her "to dos" was to get the car ready for the trip, and she did that today.  Fortunately or unfortunately (however you might want to look at it), they found a hub that was going bad, and they replaced it.  I'm glad they found it before we started the trip; getting it fixed on the road would have cut into our time and probably cost more.  So, while I'm glad they caught it, I'm sorry it was going bad.

I haven't actually packed anything yet.  I have a pile of gadgets to take (extra batteries, chargers, camera, etc), and have started a pile of clothes.  But nothing has actually been put into a bag yet.   There are several nights between now and when we leave, so I'll get it done in time for the trip.

Also have to wash some clothes and go to the bank to get some cash.  Will do that on Thursday, which leaves Friday for packing the bags.  Hopefully all of that will go well and I'll be ready to leave when Bar gets here and we decide to leave.  I'M READY NOW (except for the packing part).  I believe she is, too!!

This is my final blog before the trip, so the next one posted will be the first with PICTURES and something besides my rambling.

Stay tuned...

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