Friday, May 6, 2011


Okay, now that you know the general overview of what we're doing, I'll cover a bit of the preparations necessary for the trip.  There weren't a lot, so this will be a small post.

Routing.  Before Big Sis told me she wanted to see "everything", I didn't know how to proceed in getting to and from places.  I had wanted to stay off the Interstates as much as possible, so we could see more of the "real world".  But with limited time, and huge distances to cover, we'll have to use the Interstates pretty extensively on the way out and the way back from the west.  After leaving Oklahoma City, and before we arrive in South Dakota, we'll be able to stay off the big roads most of the time.

I asked her for some specific things she wanted to see, and they included the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Badlands.  Since I've been out there previously, and have not seen some other places out there, I decided to include Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, NM, Petrified Forest, Mesa Verde, and the 4 corners as places I've wanted to visit, but haven't had a chance.  We'll also try to do some of the canyons in Utah as well as Arches.  And, in the South Dakota area, there's Rushmore, Chief Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, and some of the great roads in the area to do.  There's just so much to see out there that I know we'll run out of time and have to shave some things off the trip.  I'll let Big Sis decide since I've seen much of this in other trips.

I"ve spent hours studying maps and working on routes, and have now forgotten most of them!  I think they are saved on my computer, and if so, can resurrect them fairly easily.  If not, the GPS will do a good job of getting us where we want to go.  One thing about being out west--there aren't a lot of roads to choose from, as there are in this part of the world.  So, we should be able to find our way to the various sites.

We're taking her car, a Chevy Impala.  It will have enough space and rides well, so it's a better choice than my Civic.  We'll share a motel room nightly.  The trip will have to include at least one stop at a consignment store (her second love) to see what's there.  I enjoy it too, as long as the shop has more than just clothes...  Of course, if we happen by a BMW motorcycle shop, the Chevy will have to stop for its driver to peruse what's there.  I need a new Tee shirt!

Speaking of which (clothes), it's now time to start my packing list.  My memory has gotten so bad that if I don't do a packing list, no telling what I'll leave behind!  We'll have to wash clothes at least once (probably twice) along the way.  Hopefully I can talk her into doing the laundry since I'm doing the driving.  And I'll need to stop by the credit union to get cash--we'll need lots of it, along with a low credit card balance.

Both of our memories are so bad that whenever either of us think of something we need to do to prepare for the trip, whomever thinks of it sends a message to the other so maybe its not forgotten.  Now, what was I just talking about....  Actually, her memory is better than mine, so I have to rely on her for details.

I guess this is enough for now.  Maybe one more post before we hit the road.  Keep tuned...

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  1. Very impressive list of things to do!
    Please don't leave out Roswell. Please bring me a little green alien from a souvenir shop. Can be small inflatable or stuffed green alien doll :)
    Sis might like one too ;)